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I worked with Renelle as my personal trainer for about 6 months during my contract with ABC's show "The Revolution". We worked together 5 days a week for an hour a day. Renelle was given a general program that I was to follow but had to come up with the specifics herself. Even though it was 5 days a week, the workouts were varied and kept my interest. Even on days when I didn't feel well, or had a headache, or my knee was hurting, Renelle would change up the workout to accommodate me. When she could tell I was getting burned out or bored, she would throw something else in to make the workouts exciting (kickboxing, etc.) She is a hard worker. She always showed up on time, prepared and ready to go. Renelle showed genuine interest in me and my needs (that didn't always go along with what the people at ABC had in mind) and she made sure that everything she was doing with me was in my best interest. She gave me dietary advice as well as killer workouts! Renelle is patient, but pushed me harder when I needed to be pushed. She is encouraging, knowledgeable, creative, energetic and hard-working. My sisters were also doing the same program with different trainers in Arizona. During a vacation to see my sisters I had the opportunity to work out with their trainers. After my sessions with the other trainers, I realized what a dynamic trainer I had! I wasn't the only one that noticed. The executives at ABC remarked to me on several occasions what a "rock star trainer" I had. During my time with Renelle, I lost 48 pounds and 5 dress sizes! I physically did the work, but Renelle provided me with the tools I needed to get it done!

~ Dixie Moore


Renelle has the perfect combination of traits for a personal trainer: motivational, compassionate and tough. She pushed me to different limits, she pushed me to different comfort zones and she pushed me to think differently about my body and my health. Most importantly, Renelle listened to me and responded positively and in a way that boosted my confidence. I knew she was passionate about fitness and wellness, so I trusted her implicitly. I always walked away from a workout session or ozone sauna knowing her best interest was my success.

~ Amy M.


Renelle has been an inspiration to my workouts. She keeps my 72 years in great shape, ready for ski season.

~ Alden F.


Renelle started training me a year ago. The workout sessions are fun. My balance, strength, and endurance have increased beyond my expectations. I am now much more fit, tone, and healthy.


The ozone-sauna therapy resulted in my energy levels soaring. I noticed that my muscles did not get sore after the strenuous workouts and that my recovery time was improved.


Having Renelle as a coach-trainer and receiving ozone-sauna treatments are helping me to achieve my goal of healthy living.

~ Laura S.


Thank you for the powerful Oxygen treatments you have given me, it is astounding how energizing the treatments can be.

~ Nanci M.


Renelle is a great trainer AND her Ozone machine is great for getting toxins out of your body. It helps with so many symptoms.

~Mary D.


Through creative and fun training Renelle has helped me to strengthen my core immensely. I do a lot of yoga and jogging- and I thought my core was in pretty good shape.  It turns out there’s a lot of room for improvement, and I have Renelle to thank for helping me to realize this!

~ Chris B.



Dixie Moore


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